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Potent Edibles

Edibles very potent and yet so delicious, perfecting your  consumption of cannabis.

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How do all these Awesome products come about? You may wonder...

  • 1
    Product Selection

    The Best products are acquired from reputable and trust worthy suppliers, although some are very rare.

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    Product Development

    The products are specially processed and tested to ensure their quality.

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    Your Supply and Delivery

    Our products are then graded and listed for purchases and great prices.

Cannabis Goodness

We Bring you Cannabis in its Finest Forms to Change Lives

 We are always dedicated to making sure that you receive the best of the bests quality cannabis products from Purplehaze spot whether that be flowers, oils, micro-dosing, batteries, edibles, tinctures, or vape carts. Our goal is to transform your lives with the assistance of our products. 

Many chemical compounds in our cannabis like cannabinoids change the lives of people by relieving them from chronic pain. Some study has shown that cannabis increases lungs capacity instead of causing any harm to it. Cannabis simply makes the metabolism strong and it also regulates insulin and manages caloric intake properly. As a result, you will not see any overweight cannabis users around. This impact on insulin also prevents diabetes and lowers blood pressure, stabilizes blood sugar, and improves blood circulation. There is a piece of strong evidence that cannabinoids fight certain types of cancers. Endocannabinoid compounds in cannabis help people get rid of depression. Cannabis also shows promise in autism treatment by calming users down who frequently feel the need for violence. Cannabis also makes the bone stronger and helps in healing broken bones quickly. Cannabis is also used for people who have ADD/ADHD. Individuals who have glaucoma also get temporary relief and alleviate pain by consuming cannabis. A proper dosage of cannabis calms users and helps them get rid of anxiety. Anti-inflammatory compounds in cannabis slow the development of Alzheimer’s disease. THC and CBD in cannabis are highly helpful for people who have arthritis to deal with their pain. People who have PTSD symptoms can help themselves in reducing the symptoms with cannabis consumption. People with Parkinson’s disease had improvement in motor skills with the help of cannabis. Inflammatory bowel diseases are also prevented by cannabis consumption.


 For people who also want to reward themselves with cannabis after a long tiring day just to have relaxation, our store is also perfect for them. You work hard and you deserve to have some good time and take off the burden and kick away the stress to another galaxy.


We wish to let everyone know the original benefits of having authentic cannabis by providing them with the best quality cannabis. We are here striving to make cannabis available for everyone so that they can have a better lifestyle with a positive impact on their overall life and health. Simply purchasing the finest quality cannabis from us can keep the consumers relaxed, tension and stress-free, motivated, and healthy. And we also wish that people get to know all the problems they can fix simply by consuming cannabis. As a result, we make no compromise with the quality of the merchandise we share with our customers. And each product is tested properly before they reach anyone’s hand from us. We are working hard relentlessly to bring long-lasting change to people’s lives with our cannabis products.


This is how we are helping and changing the lives of people by sending the finest form of cannabis to their hands at an affordable price effortlessly. If you want to have your hands on the finest things in the cannabis industry and change your life for the better then take a look at all that we have to offer and check our menu. We have a much easier user-friendly website for your convenience. Check out the order option and if you have any concerns or questions then do not hesitate and feel free to reach out.

Why choose Purple Haze Spot forever?

Our main goal and the main purpose is to provide our customers with the highest quality naturally grown cannabis strain at reasonable prices.

We Love and believe in the cannabis plant and its products and hence foster its growth and promotion in the world. We do this by making available the selected best products in the market so our client get nothing short of an amazing cannabis experience.

We always focus on fulfilling all your expectations regarding our cannabis strain. We are here to combine taste, convenience, and quality for all the people in the cannabis community. We have built mutual trust and won the heart of our customers with these business policies. This is why are different than all the other sellers in the market and this is why once you choose to buy from us, your buying experience will keep you make coming back to us forever. We always hold our good reputation with all these qualities.



Check out often and surf through our website to find all the awesome cannabis products currently on sale and will be on sale at the most affordable prices. We make sure to check the quality of each product and as we focus mainly on customer satisfaction, we will never sell any merchandise in poor condition. And we also make sure to keep the price in check and make it affordable for you. The products will never be sold beyond their original worth by us.

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