How To Get High

How to get High on Weed?

This is a good question which can have a very simple answer, Consume cannabis or cannabis products. But it’s not that simple at first because you need a certain quantity of cannabis or your preferred cannabis product. This is so you don’t get too high or “super stoned”. A general solution to that is taking small quantities and giving yourself time for the weed to hit in, and this quantities and time is dependent on How you wanna ingest cannabis.

How Do I wanna get High?

Really how do I wanna get high? It’s a very good question especially in todays world where there are a number of ways to get high or “stoned” on weed. The main methods are smoking, vaping or with edibles.

 Lets go through the various ways;


This is inhaling the vapor of cannabis oil extracts with the use of a vaporiser (commonly called vape). its good for novice cannabis users since its effects  can be controlled much more better than the other methods by monitoring the the quantity and type of oil used.


The old fashion method of getting it in still hits well. Besides it being the easiest and most common way of consuming weed it might not be the best option depending on your preference, where you are and how you want to get high.  If you wanna get high fast then this is the way.

Using A Bong (Water pipe)

This is a water pipe which is used to smoke cannabis. There’s a small bowll where the cannabis is heated or burned and the  smoke goes downstream through a cylinder and through water  where the smoke is filtered and later comes up through another cylinder to the mouth piece.


Edibles are great, very delicious munchies but are not your normal every munchies, chocolate, gummies, cookies etc Edibles can be very deceiving  as they always take longer to hit you but have longer lasting effects. So don’t be the person to consume too much getting fooled by their delicious nature and wondering why you haven’t felt it yet.


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