Best Purple Weed Strains

Purple weed is a not just an attractive part of cannabis but also showing the kind of  great genetics the cannabis plant has…

List of the Top Purple Weed Strains

Granddaddy Purple

Any list like this wouldn’t seem right if GDP wasn’t at the very top. Universally known, widely available, and extremely popular, this heavily Indica-leaning hybrid is beautiful when you buy it, delicious (with a grape/berry flavor) when you smoke it, and extremely relaxing. There’s a euphoric hit right away, thanks to THC content between 17-25%, and eventually, the indica body buzz extends to the head as well.

Many patients choose Granddaddy Purple for pain relief because of its ability to dull pain receptors; it’s also excellent for treating depression, decreased appetite (munchies alert!), and of course, insomnia – since you’re more than likely to experience some serious couch-lock.

Purple Haze

purple haze strain in a purple background

Purple Haze is unusual for a purple strain, in that it’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid rather than an indica. THC levels usually come in between 15-20%, and produce an energetic and uplifting high almost immediately; many users experience creative or even psychedelic effects. This strain is a wake-and-bake favorite, with the body high moderate and buzzy instead of heavy and couch-locking.

The hit from Purple Haze can overwhelm novice users, and is likely to exacerbate anxiety and paranoia – so it’s best for experienced tokers who aren’t prone to anxiety or panic. If you give it a try, expect a reduction in fatigue, stress, and depression – and a terrific high.

Grape Ape

In a blind taste test, you might easily confuse Granddaddy Purple and Grape Ape because the two strains are so similar. There’s even a conspiracy theory out there that they’re the same bud sold under two different names. In reality, however, Grape Ape comes from a different lineage, normally has slightly less THC content, delivers a slightly more uplifting high, and is a little less likely to put you down for the count.

That makes this strain a bit better than GDP for chronic pain sufferers who want to be able to somewhat function. But Grape Ape isn’t quite as potent for those looking for help relieving stress or falling asleep since it’s doesn’t lean as heavily indica as GDP. The musky grape smell and taste are another reason people love Grape Ape, just not the biggest one.

Purple Kush

Close up image of Purple kush cannabis plant

Those looking for a classic indica have found it. Purple Kush is a pure indica that is beautiful, potent and ready to blow you away. For many, this strain has all of the pros of weed and few of the cons: a happy and enjoyable high with the mental clarity that can become a little psychedelic, combined with full-body relaxation that can lull you into a blissful sleep.

Treating insomnia and depression are the best medical applications for Purple Kush, but after smoking enough of it you’ll find that chronic pain and stress may ease as well. This is also a great choice for chilling with your loved one(s).

Purple Diesel

Like Purple Haze, this is another strain that leans slightly Sativa, but it has even higher THC levels that can hit 25% or higher. It takes a bit of time for Purple Diesel to hit, but when it does it will blast you into a euphoric, energetic head high. Expect it to be more motivating and creative than mind-clouding, with relaxation instead of couch-lock, so this is a very good strain for daytime use.

Depression and stress can vanish with a few hits of Purple Diesel, and many don’t notice their chronic pain while under the effects of this fun weed – which proves that not all purple strains will knock you flat on your ass.



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